For many people, working during divorce provides a welcome distraction; something to focus on other than the divorce. For other people, working during divorce becomes a necessity due to financial circumstances.

Focusing on your work while you have a hundred other things on your mind may also impact how you act at work. If the divorce was not your choice, you may be dealing with guilt, shame and grief. The process may be stressful and difficult, and it can be hard to separate your personal life while you’re working during divorce. You may even find that court dates require you to take time off work or  your mind may just simply be on everything else but your job.

We understand that divorce is stressful and we have compiled a few tips to help lessen the effect on your working life.

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1/ Share enough, but not too much
Some people may wish for their divorce to be completely hidden from everyone at work, but this may only end up isolating you. You don’t have to let everyone in the office know, but telling your boss is a step in the right direction. Hopefully, your boss will be understanding and compassionate enough to know that it may be affecting your work. You don’t have to share every detail, but at least your boss will know that you don’t hate your job.

While telling your boss is a good idea, telling your other co-workers is not, except for a few trusted friends. The last thing you want is for the people you working with to gossip. Keep the details to yourself and only confide in your closest and most trusted friends.

2/ Let yourself be distracted
It’s okay to be distracted by your divorce, but not for every minute of every day. While at work, it can be a welcome relief to focus on your work. However, it is recommended that you set aside a small part of your day just to deal with divorce stuff. Whether that’s having a good cry or simply filling out the next load of paperwork, let yourself be distracted. Divorce should not overtake your life, but it isn’t something to repress and pretend that it’s not happening. Let yourself feel all the emotions that divorce brings up,

3/ Take advantage of the opportunity
When going through a divorce, some people simply do not know what to do with themselves. This time is a great time to take the opportunity to learn some new skills. Ask your boss for some new work or ask a co-worker how to finish filing half of your pile. Maybe you can learn all the ins and outs of the new computer program at work. It may be useful to distract yourself by learning a whole new set of skills at work.

working during divorce, divorce, separation, family law, family lawyers toowoomba, groom and lavers4/ Health is key
It’s a good idea to focus on you and your health. Being unhealthy can cause more negative effects on your work life. Focus on eating well and exercising. This can also assist you in getting your mind off of the divorce details. Use this time to be kind to yourself by eating well, exercising and sleeping as well as you can.

5/ Be supported
As mentioned, you don’t need to tell everyone at work about your divorce. However, confiding in a trusted friend or family member will help to support you while you are negotiating the divorce and while you are working during divorce. You will need a shoulder to cry on, which is totally normal and not something to be embarrassed about. Perhaps you can meet friends after work, or organise some counselling sessions for yourself. It’s important to have support during this difficult period in your life in a way that continues to allow you to perform well at work.

6/ Take time to relax
For some people, life turns into a routine. You may get caught up in going to work, coming home and then dealing with the divorce. However, taking time to relax is incredibly important. Maybe you can attend a movie once a week or go out for dinner with your friends. Whatever the case, ensure that you are spending time for yourself and doing something that you love. Divorce is hard, but your health (both mental and physical) is incredibly important. Take some time for yourself.

Divorce can be difficult, but it can be made easier by having the right support in your corner. Our friendly, experienced family lawyers are on your side and can assist you in any family law matter, including separation, divorce, parenting arrangements, property settlements, child support, financial agreements and domestic violence issues.. Contact us today.