How hard is it to sell an older home?

Today we hear about showcase homes, brand new homes or project homes as being the most desirable. But this is not the reality for most people. First home buyers, young families and even older people are looking to buy an older home for reasons for affordability and taste. Investors may also be looking for an older home to renovate or to rent out. So if you are the owner of an older home and you want to sell, don’t despair. It’s all about how you approach the sale to make your older home look as beautiful as possible.

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1/ Presentation is still important
Yes, there are renovators who may not typically care what your house looks like, but that doesn’t mean presentation doesn’t matter. A buyer will tend to choose the property that looks more appealing to the eye, and presentation is very important for a potential buyer to fall in love with your home. It is important that you do your best to improve the aesthetic appeal of the house. Mowing your lawn and thoroughly cleaning the kitchen is important. The spare bedroom may have received some extra clutter throughout the years, but a simple declutter can do wonders.

Remove extra furniture that crowds smaller rooms and be sure that the front and back doors aren’t encumbered by things like bicycles, wood piles, or recycling bins.

2/ Highlight the features
Sure, the green tile on the bathroom floor may not catch everyone’s eye, but what about the gorgeous garden you’ve worked on for years? Or the fact that you pride yourself on your interior design skills? A house that has been cared for attracts buyers. Your older home may not be on-trend, but a well-cared for home that has been lovingly prepared for sale will show.

When you take the photos of your home, make sure the kitchen and laundry are spotless. Putting clothes and dishes away is highly recommended and decluttering as much as possible is important. Your home should be scrupulously clean.

3/ Be realistic
Your house may not sell right away, but that doesn’t mean you should give up hope. Your house may not be in an area that has high demand and buyers are always looking for the best deal for their money. You should ask your real estate agent to help you set your price that reflects the reality of the housing market. While you wait for your house to sell, you can also consider doing some work. Maybe you can renovate the bathroom or install some new kitchen cabinets to improve the home’s appeal and to get a better price.

4/ Do basic repairs
Many people are looking for a house that they can live in straight away. Therefore, spending the extra money to fix the leaky tap or paint the spare bedroom can make a huge difference. However, make sure you prioritise your repairs. Fix the important things that don’t cost much first, and leave the major renovations that take lots of time and money until later. Asking a real estate agent to take a look at your house and recommend where you start your repairs is a good idea.

5/ Renovation Plansfirst home buyers, housing affordability, buying a house, buying your first house, selling your home, selling an older home, older home, darling downs conveyancing
If your house is old enough and is looking for renovation in the near future, providing plans for renovations or expansions to potential buyers is a great idea. It can show what needs to be done and give the buyer a vision for the house. Some buyers may love the location of the house, but may be scared not knowing what needs to be done or how. Therefore, renovation plans allow for people to know exactly how to fix the problems within the home.

6/ Highlight the Location
When you are selling your home, highlighting what is nearby is important. Not only does the buyer get the house, it comes with the nearby shops and schools, so let people know the details. Are you in a great school catchment? Close to public transport? Whatever the features of your location, make sure potential buyers know about them.

7/ Use Light
Older homes can appear quite dark and gloomy, but there are ways you can change this. Update the light fixtures and remove dark furniture from the home. Also, ensuring you have lighter curtains can also help the darkness within the home. Removing shrubs from the outside windows and allowing more light to flow through the home is also beneficial.

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