Mark Bradshaw

mark-bradshaw Mark Bradshaw (J.P. (Qual)) is an Oakey local. This means he knows the Oakey area, people, and industry better than any other accountant on the Darling Downs. He is a former member of both the National Institute of Australian Accountants (NIAA) and Federation of Australian Accountants (FAA).

Mark has over 43 years of accounting experience in both commercial & professional environments, having previously worked for large enterprises in Sydney and its surrounds.

Of particular note, Mark has worked for the following companies and businesses, many of which are multinational enterprises:

  1. Firestone Tyres;
  2. Victa Lawn Mowers;
  3. Unilever;
  4. Taubmans Paint;
  5. H&R Block; and
  6. ITP.

Practice Areas

Drawing on his extensive knowledge and experience, Mark is able to assist and advise our clients in relation to the following areas:

  1. Personal, Business & Company Taxation Returns;
  2. Business Activity Statements (BAS);
  3. Objections & Appeals against decisions of the Australian Taxation Office;
  4. Accounting system setup & maintainence;
  5. General Accounting Practice.

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