Estate Disputes & Estate Administration

We can advise you on the best course of action for contesting a Will or opposing an application brought against an Estate. An estate dispute can arise for many reasons.

You may find that a will does not make sense. The will many have been prepared by a beneficiary of the will with no independent legal advice. The will maker may have lost the testamentary capacity to sign a will, or the will was drafted under the undue influence of another person.

Sometimes the will isn’t clear and it’s hard to understand the meaning of the will. Or there may be a series of wills that make sense and suddenly, a new will surfaces that is very different or suspicious.

Remember, however, that time limits are very important in these sorts of matters. You should not delay seeking legal advice as soon as possible.

When appointing an executor, it’s important to entrust the task to someone who is capable and willing.  The executor has an obligation to engage in the due administration of the estate.

Enormous obligations are cast upon an executor to gather in the estate, pay all testamentary debts and expenses and to distribute the estate in a correct and legal way.

Probate is process of managing the estate and assets of a deceased person. A grant of probate is an order of the court that the executor named in the deceased person’s will is entitled to administer the estate. A grant of probate is also the court’s official recognition that the will is valid under the law.

The administration of an estate is often complex, and should always be done in conjunction with sound legal advice.